COORDINATED ° wins Edigma Semibreve Award 2022

COORDINATED ° is the great winner of the Edigma Semibreve Award 2022. Created by Angelina Kozhevnikova and Arina Kapitanova the artwork aims to connect humans and non-humans symbiotically to stand for freedom and against oppression in a bottom-up way.

Russian opposition protests meet severe repression by the Russian authorities. COORDINATED° proposes a framework of a moving decentralised protest, communicating the locations with autonomous flying agents – drones – in an encoded way. Pretending to be just an entertaining performance, drones are transmitting a hidden message – coordinates of the next location – that could be read with the help of AR.

Since a lot of infrastructures to capture people by police are being prepared overnight, the moving protest could lower the chance of being arrested, the use of drones will make it harder to create lawsuits against organisers and the decoding mechanism based on AR increase the time for police to understand the next location and move their infrastructure in a top-down way, which is always slower than bottom-up self-organisation of the protesters.

The artwork will be exhibited during the 2022 edition of the semibreve festival, from 27th to 30th October.

16 September 2022